[rescue] sbus jumbo frames

Dave Fischer dave at cca.org
Mon Jan 16 07:35:22 CST 2012

Stefan.Skoglund at agj.net writes:

>lC6r 2012-01-14 klockan 13:51 -0500 skrev Dave Fischer:

>> They don't support jumbo frames, so it's really hard to get significant
>> speed out of them.

>In what way ? Firmware problem or hw ? in other words:
>is the card as it is broken
>or is it a case of userland (no tool support) or ethernet driver sw
>problem ?

I was under the impression that it was a hardware problem, but I
was just looking around for info and found some conflicting claims,
so perhaps I was wrong...

Has anyone here successful configured an sbus 1000B-SX board for
jumbo frames? (If so, I will finally be replacing my FDDI lan!)

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