[rescue] You see a wild SPARCstation 20. What do?

Stefan Skoglund Stefan.Skoglund at agj.net
Mon Jan 16 06:52:04 CST 2012

lC6r 2012-01-14 klockan 13:51 -0500 skrev Dave Fischer:
> sunrescue at marknmel.com writes:
> >I don't think SBUS was able to drive these at full rate.  I think that 
> >it was possible to drive them to about 85-90% on Exx00 hardware.
> >I seem to also recall that SBUS frequencies ran at different rates on 
> >different boxes.
> They don't support jumbo frames, so it's really hard to get significant
> speed out of them.

In what way ? Firmware problem or hw ? in other words:

is the card as it is broken

or is it a case of userland (no tool support) or ethernet driver sw
problem ?

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