[rescue] throughput of 10Mbit Ethernet - Re: You see a wild SPARCstation 20. What do?

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Sun Jan 15 22:40:17 CST 2012

>>> i recall sun saying that an ss1+ could route 10bt at wire speed...
>> "Wire speed" in that era was 500-1000 kilobits per second of actual
>> throughput on a 10 mbps network.

That's not my experience, excepting broken hardware, a busy shared
medium, or severely underpowered machines (way more so than a 1+).

> I don't remember it that way.  10B2 could put through at least
> 3Mbit/sec in a protocol like FTP - unless I am experiencing
> brain-fade.

My experience has been that a nominally-10megabit technology, whether
10base5, 10base2, or 10baseT, tops out at about 1Mbyte/sec, measured at
the TCP-payload level.  The exact technology matters only in that it
can justify degradation below that.  (For example, a shared medium (or
an effectively shared medium, eg, 10baseT with a hub instead of a
switch) network can lose throughput to medium contention.)  But under
ideal conditions, my experience says that if a nominally 10Mbit network
can't push about 1Mbyte/sec of data through a TCP connection, either
something's busted or an endpoint limiting it somehow (eg, some of the
machines I see named here probably can't push 1Mbyte/sec through
_anything_, including their CPU<->memory channel).

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