[rescue] IBM IntelliStation POWER5 9111-285

Mark Benson md.benson at gmail.com
Fri Jan 13 08:45:52 CST 2012

I posted this on geeks but thought I'd post here too. Picked up a pretty
stellar bargain on eBay UK:


(Item: 180792593902 )

No affiliation and I left posting it here until mine was delivered because I
honestly didn't believe it was legitimate until I got the tracking number off
the seller but sure enough mine was still packed on a pallet and the box seal
was still in tact.

The box is just the tower and the power cable and the diagnostic DVDs. No OS
or software entitlements included, but if you have a recent copy of AIX 5L
5.3, 6L or 7L this will run those. Various Linux distros are also available
(Fedora, Debian, CruxPPC, Gentoo) also.

Best price I can find a USED one is 500 quid approx.

Mark Benson


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