[rescue] You see a wild SPARCstation 20. What do?

Dave Fischer dave at cca.org
Fri Jan 13 01:48:30 CST 2012

rnovak at indyramp.com writes:

>SPARCstation 20 MP (2 X RT626), No Keyboard
>ROM Rev. 2.25R hyperSPARC, 256 MB memory installed, Serial #7932865.
>Ethernet address 12:2b:a0:7b:aa:9c, Host ID: 00790bc1.

>I've found some affordable sbus pcmcia devices... wonder if those with
>pcmcia-cf adapters would be bootable. I guess for $15 or so I could try.

I use an sbus pcmcia adapter in my E3500, to read the cf cards from
my camera. Performance is *horrible*. I also really doubt it's 
bootable, but I don't think I've tried very hard to look for it from
the boot prom level...

As for that machine... I don't have any SS20's, but I still have about
a half-dozen SS5's, and use them for simple server tasks (firewalls,

Using an SS20 to explore older windowing environments is definitely
a good idea.

Does anyone know if Nextstep will use the weird graphics slot in
an SS5? Graphics card = 501-2337 S24.

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