[rescue] HP 9000 RAM

Steve Hatle shatle at nfldinet.com
Tue Jan 3 21:22:35 CST 2012


I have 6 (six) 512MB kits of RAM for HP 9000 series boxes.

The RAM is all Kingston KTH4515/512 (each kit is 2x256M modules)

Some googling show them as compatible with Hewlett Packard 9000 700J
Workstation J2240, 9000 A-Class Server A180, A180C, 9000 B-Class Workstation
B132L, 9000 B-Class Workstation B132L+, B180L, 9000 Series 800 Business
Server K100, K200, K210, K220, K250, K260, K360, K370, K380, K400, K410,
K420, K450, K460, K460-EG, K570, K580, e3000 929KS/030

These are untested by me; I got them in a bunch of other 3goodies2 that I
picked up a while back.

If you have an interest, let me know and we can work something out...

Happy New Year to all,


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