[rescue] Rescued Sun servers, now what?!

Stefan Skoglund Stefan.Skoglund at agj.net
Wed Feb 29 18:09:58 CST 2012

mC%n 2012-02-20 klockan 19:26 +0000 skrev Lex Landa:
>I'm thinking that the phrase 'twisted pair' explains it: the pairs are
> swapped, but the common wires are not.  I made up a custom cable a few
> years ago, with a length of Cat-5 cable and two wall sockets.  I had to
> test the connections (my ineptitude with electronics extends to not
> being able to wire-up IDC cables) and there were open circuits on a few
> of the wires.  It was a 50-metre (164-foot) bit of cable and was to link
> two houses (my cousin's place, and mine) but he moved out before I had a
> chance to use it.  We had a 57.6K PPP link going for a long time, in the
> 90s - then, Wi-Fi came along.  Getting the early wireless cards
> configured made me wish that I'd stuck with the cable idea - all those
> MIBs and config files..

The cable is twisted as in 'spiral', both wires in one pair is twinned
around each other.
Far less distortion that way.

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