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I am a big fan of pkgsrc... on NetBSD. It's the best of breed that I have seen. However, using it on a non-native platform results in huge bloat, ex. 3 copies of Perl etc. I haven't seen it integrated properly anywhere but Net and DragonFly (where its also native). Everywhere else it has to duplicate large numbers of packages because each OS, distro etc. has its own flavor of default locations for important pieces, and those can't be changed without breaking the base system.  

And as good as pkgsrc is, it still suffers from bloat like any dependency management system. 
For me the bottom line is if the OS has a native pkg system (Open/Net/Free/Dfly) I use that. If not (Slackware, Solaris) I happily roll my own. 

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On Fri, 24 Feb 2012 07:36:06 +0000, "Vintage Coder" <vintagecoder at aol.com> wrote:

> Just a data point, since you asked. Aside from the firefox builds on
> sunfreeware, anything I want that's not on the installation disk I
> build myself. It can be annoying since many Linux autotools scripts
> don't work (obviously never tested) on Solaris. I've gotten better at
> getting stuff built as I go. One of the reasons I build my own stuff
> everywhere is to avoid the inevitable bloat of "package management".
> On Solaris I prefer Studio to gcc and I get to do stuff my way.
> Building yourself means a little more control over Solaris' path hell,
> also a Good Thing. 

Have you tried pkgsrc? It would let you select Studio and would
somewhat automate the build process too, plus you could choose your
path etc.

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