[rescue] Open source packages for Solaris

Vintage Coder vintagecoder at aol.com
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Just a data point, since you asked. Aside from the firefox builds on sunfreeware, anything I want that's not on the installation disk I build myself. It can be annoying since many Linux autotools scripts don't work (obviously never tested) on Solaris. I've gotten better at getting stuff built as I go. One of the reasons I build my own stuff everywhere is to avoid the inevitable bloat of "package management". On Solaris I prefer Studio to gcc and I get to do stuff my way. Building yourself means a little more control over Solaris' path hell, also a Good Thing. 
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Where do people get theirs from (at least for people who don't want to
build from source)?

Increasingly, I've been finding Sun Freeware to be useless to me.

Today I was looking at blastwave, but they also seem to be falling
behind.  For instance, there is no GCC 4.1 through 4.6.  Their erlang is
pretty old.  Emacs is old. Their Samba is old, there is no spidermonkey
package, etc.  No wiki updates in over a year.  The front page says 332
package updates in the last month, but the link says "There are no
recently released software packages to report at this time."

So, what are other people using?  Portage? pkgsrc?  Build everything
from source?  Or, is it time to do for Solaris what Nekoware does for
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