[rescue] Open source packages for Solaris

George Wyche g at cjwyche.org
Thu Feb 23 19:57:59 CST 2012

I've successfully used www.opencsw.org ever since the BIG break with
blastwave several years ago.

> Where do people get theirs from (at least for people who don't want to
> build from source)?
> Increasingly, I've been finding Sun Freeware to be useless to me.
> Today I was looking at blastwave, but they also seem to be falling
> behind.  For instance, there is no GCC 4.1 through 4.6.  Their erlang is
> pretty old.  Emacs is old. Their Samba is old, there is no spidermonkey
> package, etc.  No wiki updates in over a year.  The front page says 332
> package updates in the last month, but the link says "There are no
> recently released software packages to report at this time."
> So, what are other people using?  Portage? pkgsrc?  Build everything
> from source?  Or, is it time to do for Solaris what Nekoware does for
> Irix?
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