[rescue] Rescued Sun servers, now what?!

Stefan Skoglund Stefan.Skoglund at agj.net
Tue Feb 21 05:17:35 CST 2012

tis 2012-02-21 klockan 09:10 +0100 skrev Angel M Alganza:
> On Tue, Feb 21, 2012 at 08:22:29AM +0100,
> Jochen Kunz wrote:
> > In old fashioned Unix like NetBSD you need to
> > enable getty(8) in ttys(5). (Or inittab(5) in
> > Linux) Don't know about Solaris.
> Thank you.  I'm running Debian GNU/Linux on my
> Ultra 1, which is currently my main workstation
> and communication box (email, Usenet, IRC,
> jabber).  I'm planning to replace it with the
> Ultra 10, once I get it up and running.  I don't
> have any experience with NetBSD (I have installed
> and used OpenBSD on Sparc and FreeBSD on PCs, but
> never NetBSD), but I'd like to run it on this box.
> I don't use many X11 programs, just Xpdf and Uzbl,
> and very rarely Geeqie or Imagemagick.  Will X11
> (Xorg?) be easy to set up on NetBSD on the Ultra?
> (Yes, I'll be using the Ampex terminal a lot with
> it, when I get it working, but I'll also like to
> have a local console with graphic capabilities. :)
> Cheers.
> Angel

The thing about Sun machines (and alike products from other
manufacturers like IBM and SGI) is that tty A becomes system console if
the keyboard is absent att system boot.

But the machine is perfectly able to present sys login thru getty to
other users who is sitting at directly attached serial terminals but
the existing graphical terminal is still 'system console'.

Getty is used for the 'sys console' too.

Users sitting at their serial terminals can also be classified as
'console users'.

Someone who sits at an x terminal and with the terminal bound to the
resident xdm is i think NOT an 'console user'

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