[rescue] Rescued Sun servers, now what?!

Lex Landa brooknet at imap.cc
Sun Feb 19 18:23:10 CST 2012

On Sun, 2012-02-19 at 14:06 +0100, Angel M Alganza wrote:

> Also, what are the other two connectors near the
> 'A' serial port, please?  One of them is labelled
> with a sign which resembles a monitor with two
> vertical lines at both sides, and it has three
> rows of pin sockets.

That's the video connector.

>   The other one looks like an
> RJ-45 port, and it's a label like this: <777>.

I think that some characters may have been translated in your email.
That should look like three dots: '<...>', but the dots are in the
middle.  If it looks like that, it's the TPE (twisted-pair Ethernet)

The video connector looks like a VGA connector, but seems to have a few
different pin assignments: pin 4 of the Ultra 10's video port is ground
and pin 5 is not connected, but for the VGA spec., pin 5 is ground and
pin 4 is 'reserved'; other pins match.

My references:

VGA pinout:

Ultra 10 Service Manual:

The manual tells you how to set up a TIP connection (section 3.2.1).  I
think that this TIP is window-based, but I'm not sure; I have it on my
SPARCserver (630MP), but it is currently out-of-action.

I looked at the NetBSD man page.


I hope this helps but please use your own judgement before accepting any
information from me, as I don't own an Ultra 10.



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