[rescue] WTB: Functioning VAX machine (w/ disks or SCSI) in Seattle area

Mark Benson md.benson at gmail.com
Sun Feb 19 13:51:38 CST 2012

Time to instil possible envy...

At some stage in the non-too-distant future I may be acquiring a pair of
VAXstation 4000 Model 60 (55MHz BA46-B) desktop units with mice, keyboards,
video framebuffer to BNC cables. Alas they are spoken for (one's mine and
one's going to a close friend). I know they aren't 'proper' VAXen as in you
can pick them up without a forklift but they'll do for us :)

On 19 Feb 2012, at 19:31, Mike Loewen wrote:

>> I *still* want to acquire a 4000-series, as a 4000-700A was the first "big
>> iron" (non-PC) I ever used and accessed the Internet through.
>   It's not for sale, but I have a 4000/300 that was used as an Internet
portal at Rowan University in NJ.  I fire it up, once in a while:
> http://sturgeon.css.psu.edu/~mloewen/Oldtech/VAX/
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