[rescue] Rescued Sun servers, now what?!

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Sun Feb 19 13:36:02 CST 2012

>> (b) Might you have a machine with busted video hardware?
> I hope not.  Is there a way to test that?

Ummm...try it and see if it works/ :)

> The box also has a standard Sun monitor conector, but my two Sun
> monitors aren't working (trying to figure out if I can fix them).

There exist passive 13W3-to-DE15 adapters; some of them, at least, work
for Suns driving peecee monitors - I own at least two such.  I've seen
it said that some don't, because of pinout differences on the 13W3
side, but I haven't looked into that in detail.

This is a U10, I think?  I don't know the Ultra machines all that well;
it's possible it won't drive the DE15 by default, in which case I'll
have to defer to someone who knows them better than I do.  You might
hook up a serial console, unplug the keyboard, and look through the
printenv/setenv settings to see if anything there looks as though it
might be related.  (I'm hoping you'll find something like
"video-connector" set to "13W3", but I don't really expect that. :)

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