[rescue] Rescued Sun servers, now what?!

Angel M Alganza ama at ugr.es
Sun Feb 19 05:20:06 CST 2012


I have a nice Ampex (ATL) 220 dump terminal I want
to use with either my Sun Ultra 1 or my Sun Ultra
10 workstations.  Some of the information on this
thread seems to be relevant to this, I believe.
The Ampex has two ports on the rear side labeled
"PRIMARY PORT" and "PRINTER PORT".  Both look like
25 pins serial (parallel?) ports to me.  When I
got the terminal, it came with a very old cable,
in very bad condition.  It had a 25 pins conector
on one end and a RJ type conector (I can't
remember if it was a 45 or a 11 one) on the other.
I tried to connect the terminal to a PC running
Linux (I think it was a 486) and I got it working,
I could login into the Linux box through the Ampex
using that cable.  Unfortunately I can't find the
cable anymore.

On Tue, Jun 14, 2011 at 11:23:57AM -0700,
Mr Ian Primus wrote:
> Still, you can make a cable trivially easily -
> it's an RJ45 at one end, and an RS232 connector
> on the other.

Is maybe a cable like that what I need to use my
nice Ampex 220 with one of my Ultras?  The Ultra
10 has 2 RJ-45 sockets on the back.  One of them
is on an card on a expansion slot labelled PCI1.
I believe that's an Ethernet port (I haven't tried
to connect this box to the net yet, since I
haven't managed to install an operating system on
it yet -planning to do so when I get the Ampex
working with it-).  The second one I think its
integrated into the main board, together with two
(serial?) connectors which look like a DB9 and a
DB25 to me.

Could I use one of those (the RJ-45, the DB9 or
the DB25) ports to connect the Ampex 220 terminal
to the Ultra?  Is that cable you describe what I
need?  Would a Cisco cable some people have
mentioned on this thread serve this purpose too?

I'd appreciate any help I can get to start using
both, the Ultra 10 and the Ampex terminal.

Ideas, please?

Thank you in advance and regards.

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