[rescue] PIF1: DEC Keyboard, SGI Vid cables, FC cables, Tandy 6000/Xenix stuff

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Wed Feb 8 02:55:45 CST 2012

First of many pay-it-forwards. Storage place is trying to up my rent at a 
time when every other expense has jumped, and income and savings are 
clobbered. SOOOO I'm looking to thin down the stuff there by finding it 
new homes so I can give the storage people less money.

Free to good home for price of shipping:

1x DEC Keyboard. LK401-AA. Good condition. Missing one foot-kickstand 

1x AUI extension cable. About 8' maybe.

4x Fibrechannel copper cables. DB-9 on one end, that... fibre channel ...
thing on the other. RJish?

2 x SGI video cables. These are these... things with 7 barrel connectors 
like a 13w3 video cable and a bunch of pins. Bag says PCA Adapter IO4. 
Part # 018-0482-001 rev A. These go between cards in an Onyx or 4d series 
or something. Probably Onyx or later. 12" long with the stretchy stuff 
over the cable and some additional small cables in there.

I have a large lot of Xenix book binder things from the TRS-80 model 6000 
/ model 16. I have one 16 that is partial (keyboard, internal boards and 
monitor.) I've got some disks as well. 8" floppies. Looking for a good 
home for this stuff. If interested in this stuff contact me and I'll get 
an idea of how much total there is. This needs a good home! I thought I 
was going to land a Tandy 6000HD but it didn't materialize, just all the 
stuff that goes with it.

A bunch more of these to come, mostly SGI parts I'd guess.

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