[rescue] Mac OS 9

Earl Baugh earl at baugh.org
Sun Dec 23 01:06:51 CST 2012

FYI, wanted to say thanks, I used one of the vendors listed from a reply I
got, and got the OS 9 disk a couple days ago.   Last night I got the Beige
G3 up and operating.... so 2 Mac's refreshed, restored and now alive and

I've got a IIci left... anybody got a power supply for one of those kicking
around?   From what I can tell the motherboard looks good (no caps look
leaky, etc.)  I've replaced the PRAM battery on that (got that part down to
an art now :-) ) and have scoured it looking for any other issues.. nothing
I can see so far, but the PS on those have been listed as "spotty".   I've
found a couple replacements on EBay, but folks are asking ridiculous proces
for them... come on, $45 + $20 shipping??... for a 20 year old machine (and
probably that old of a PS...)

Anyway, last one to try to get working... so any pointers would be
appreciated... (I'd hate to have to part it out to folks... but it does
have a NUBUS ethernet card...so that and other parts would probably be
useful to folks...)


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