[rescue] Sun 3 Keyboard (or cable)

Earl Baugh earl at baugh.org
Sun Dec 23 01:01:30 CST 2012


Anybody got a Sun 3 keyboard (for a Sun 3/4) that they'd be willing to part
with (sell / trade / whatever).    I found out tonight that my pet rabbit
(Norris... short for Chuck Norris) had decided that they keyboard cable was
tasty enough to begin chewing on. (along with a power cord on my ION
turntable and a VCR I use for transferring video from VHS to computer....)
 He's not "suppose" to go into my computer room, but had gotten out
recently and ventured out of his "bunny-proofed" area. (I've learned long
ago how to bunny proof things... long story :-) )

The keyboard is not completely trashed (though the power cords damage is
going to require surgery on the related devices) but I'm concerned that
it's going to go out, and since it's my only Sun 3 keyboard, I figured I'd
start looking now for a replacement... I don't know how the cable is
connected inside, so I don't know if I need a working kbd or not
....depending on what it would take to replace just the cable.

Thanks in advance,


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