[rescue] rescue Digest, Vol 121, Issue 9

Earl Baugh earl at baugh.org
Mon Dec 17 13:43:45 CST 2012

A "bulk" reply

To Chris :  How about hosting it on Drop Box?    That would be fairly easy
for me to grab...  I expect I'd have enough space for it on mine if you

RE: BSD -- I'm definitely going to consider different OSs once I get the
thing fully functional with the somewhat "stock" OS it originally came
I always like to have that option "locked down" so I can always go back to
what it was originally (at least for historical purposes).      This box
(from a couple articles I've read) can run some early OS X versions.
Something I'll try as well, just to experience it.

RE: Apple downloads.

Yeah, those are all updates.   I've actually gotten those, but they require
a base OS 9 install in place first.   I've gotten those and am ready to use
(depending on what version I can get to do the base install).    I tried
the a couple of bit torrent versions, but they "start" to boot, but then
die with the
System "bomb" msg.    From what I've read this could be related to a G3 vs
G4 version.

RE: OS Vendors

I'm going to look at the various CD places that Steve mentioned, and will
also try to ping Apple Support.   I will purchase something when I find
something that I think will work...
but still would appreciate an image in the mean time... (I'm on vacation
tomorrow, and this is one of the holiday projects... with the holiday I'm
concerned tha
t I'll get a CD before most of the holiday is gone)


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