[rescue] Looking for OS 9 for G3

Michael Lohmeyer mike at akhara.com
Mon Dec 17 11:41:40 CST 2012

On 12/17/12 7:28 AM, Earl Baugh wrote:
> Figured I'd ping to ask if anyone has a copy of the install disk for OS 9
> for a G3.   I've got a Beige G3 machine that I'm trying to get working...

Last time I checked (which was many years ago), Apple still had OS 9.x 
software downloadable from their website - or maybe that was only OS 9 
updates.  If it's still there, it is probably difficult to find and may 
very well have been removed.  Here is the link where I have downloaded 
stuff before, but these links did not work for me just now:


I also found OS 8.x stuff on their "older software" section in the Apple 
Downloads part of their website here, but no OS 9 stuff.


So, maybe this reminds me that they made OS 8.x and older stuff 
available, but didn't make OS 9 freely available for some reason. 
Regardless, I would consider contacting Apple Support directly.  You 
might be surprised what you get.

I know I have the latest OS 9 software on floppy - which I used for my 
Powerbook 3400 and Kanga G3 3500.  If you don't find an easy source, I 
might be able to find it and make disk images for you, but you would 
have to be patient as it is buried deep in a box somewhere.

*Michael Lohmeyer*
mike at akhara.com

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