[rescue] SunHELP Status Update

Bill Bradford mrbill at mrbill.net
Mon Dec 3 13:23:51 CST 2012

On Sun, Dec 02, 2012 at 09:13:29AM +0000, microcode at zoho.com wrote:
>I realize we can't get patches but is there anything that critical (besides
>the free and never-ending Java "security" updates Oracle keeps pumping out)
>to stop you from running SunHELP on an older copy of Solaris? I've been
>using my Sun-entitled Solaris Update 8 and things have been mostly fine.

For financial reasons I had to switch from having space at a colo
facility (in Austin) to running off a Comcast Business Class line with
static IPs at home, so power usage and (most importantly) *noise factor*
is very important.  Sure, I had it on a T1000 at the very end of
residing in the colo facility (about two years ago) but that system is
IMPOSSIBLE to run in a residential environment due to noise issues.  I
ended up building a "decent quality" x86 system (AMD quad-core 3Ghz, 16G
RAM) with a quiet third-party CPU heatsink/fan, near-silent 120mm case
fan, and a nice insulated Antec case.  I wanted to run Solaris x86
originally, but with the Solaris patch situation and Oracle, that was

Being as it's an Internet-facing system and in addition to SunHELP, also
hosts all of my personal email, websites, a private IRC server, and some
hosting for friends, I don't want to run on an older version of Solaris

>Yes, it's one of the best Sun sites around and the lists have one of the
>best S/N ratios of any mailing lists I receive. I would like to see you get
>a copy of Sun Shack's stuff (personally I'd like a copy also) and hopefully
>a mirror of the other Sun site that went offline recently.

I've contacted Craig a couple of times and never heard anything back.

> I found the vendor I bought from (showmecables.com) recommended on
> your site too. And another vendor I did business with (workstation.net)
> is sponsoring your site now. These two shops are *good* shops. They
> ship worldwide and they do what they promise at a fair price.

I don't list a sponsor/contributor unless I can vouch for them or have
done business with them myself.  That said, I will probably remove the
ads altogether in the near future as I've not gotten anything from the
supporters/sponsors in quite a while and Google ads trickled down to
"not enough to make it worth running ads".  I was happy at one point if
I made enough off the site to take the wife to a nice dinner now and
then, but it's basically zero now.

>THANK YOU, Bill, for all you're doing. And thanks to the list members for
>being there. Too damn broke to help you, but I can say thanks, and you know
>I do that at least twice a year.

You're welcome.  I'm glad to be of help to someone, anyone.


Bill Bradford 
Houston, Texas

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