[rescue] Cleaning house

Tom Callaway tcallawa at redhat.com
Sun Dec 2 21:29:02 CST 2012

I'm in the process of preparing to move again, and I have decided that
it is time to get rid of the giant piles of Sun related hardware that I
am no longer using or plan to use.

I have been the recipient of the generosity of others in this regard, as
over the last 10-15 years, plenty of people have sent me parts,
assistance, advice, and code, so I'm not even going to put prices on
this stuff. If you think it has value, make me a fair offer. If it is
worthless, but you want it anyways, "just shipping" is fine too.
Anything left at the end is going to the dump.

This is my first pass through my stuff. I know for a fact that there is
more stuff at my desk at work that I have no interest in keeping, and
most of that stuff is more modern.


Q. Where are you?
A. Ayer, MA (01432), about 45 minutes from Boston

Q. Does this stuff work?
A. Dunno. Most of it has been gathering dust for at least 3 years, some
more. About 5 years ago, I purged 20+ systems that didn't work, pulled
parts for spares, and kept the ones that did. But that was 5 years ago.

Q. Do you have pictures?
A. No. But if you really really really need a picture of something, I
can be coerced into doing it. This is a lot of stuff.

Q. If I pick it up, do I need to pay shipping?
A. Seriously? No.

Q. Is any of it new/mint/in-the-box?
A. Hehehe. You're new here, aren'tcha?

Q. I want that thing! How do I get it from you?
A. Send me an email, off-list please.

Okay. On to the list of stuff.

== Sun Parts ==
SuperSPARC 50MHz CPU (501-2708)
SuperSPARC II 75MHz CPU (501-2925)
Weitek SPARC Power uP 80Mhz CPU (2000A-080-GCD)
Sun 4/150 Mainboard (501-1237)
CD Cassette holder x 4
Centon SPARC 20 Memory (64 MB) (CPCB-00154)
Sun LX Memory (16 MB) (501-2059) x 6
SPARCStation 4/5 Memory (8 MB DIMM) (501-2470) x 2
SPARCStation 4/5 Memory (32 MB DIMM) (501-2471) x2
SPARCStation 10 Memory (16 MB DIMM) (501-2273) x 2
SPARCStation 10 Memory (?? MB DIMM) x 2
Sun Memory (32 MB SIMM) (501-2653)
Sun Ultra 1 Memory (32 MB DIMM) (501-2622) x 3
Sun Ultra 1 Memory (64 MB DIMM) (501-2480) x 8
Sun Ultra 5 Memory (32 MB DIMM) (370-3198) x 2
Sun Ultra 5 Memory (256 MB DIMM) (370-3799) x 4
Sun Ultra 5 Memory (256 MB DIMM) (370-3201) x4
Big Pile of other assorted Sun memory from this era, but without
identifiers/Sun Part #s.
Sun Microsystems Small Cooling Fan Assembly (270-2840-02) x2
Sun TAAC-1 Application Accelerator (Sun3/VME) (501-1447)
Sun MG1 Monochrome Framebuffer (501-1419)
Sun CG3 Color Framebuffer (501-1909)
Sun Dual Slot GX (GX/CG6) (501-1481)
Sun GX Framebuffer (GX/CG6) (501-1645) x3
Sun GX Framebuffer (GX/CG6) (501-1996) x2
Sun Turbo GX Framebuffer (TGX/CG6) (501-2325)
Sun Turbo GX (TGX1) Framebuffer (501-2922)
Sun S24 24-Bit Color Frame Buffer (501-2337) x3
Sun TurboZX 24-Bit Color Frame Buffer (501-2503)
Sun Creator3d Series 3 FFB2+ (501-4788)
Integrix S20V SBUS SVGA
Opus Systems SBUS Framebuffer (13W3)
Raptor GFX (SVGA for Ultra 5/10)
Visual Information Technologies, Inc Unknown 1991 Framebuffer (13W3)
Sun SBUS 10base2 Ethernet Controller (501-1450)
Sun SBUS 10base2 Ethernet Controller (501-1881)
Sun SBUS 100BaseT Sun Fast Ethernet Controller (501-2919)
3M FDDI Dual-Attach SBUS (78-8095-5382-5 B)
Cisco CDDI MLT-3 SBUS x2
Sun FDDI/S Single-Attach SBUS (370-2339)
Sun SPARC FSBE/S Sbus fast SCSI/Ethernet Controller (501-2015)
Sun Swift 100BaseT Fast Wide SCSI Card (501-2739)
SunATM-155 Mfiber SBUS 2.X (501-2794)
SPARCprinter Printer Card (501-1540)
SPARCprinter Printer Card (501-1910) x2
Artecon SBUS RAID/SCSI Controller x2
Sun NVRAM (unknown, possibly from a Sun LX)
Sun Ultra 1 PROM x2
SunPC Accelerator DX2 66MHz (501-2874)
Fore Systems SBA-200 SBUS ATM Adapter x2
Sun Type 3 Optical Mouse (370-1091)
Sun Type 4 Optical Mouse (370-1170) x2
Sun Type 5 Optical Mouse (370-1398)
Sun Type 5 Mechanical Ball Mouse (370-1586)
Sun Reflective Mouse Pads (one Sun branded, one not)
Sun Type 5 Keyboards (a pile of them)
Seagate 512 MB 80pin SCSI Drive (9A2005-031) x2
Seagate Barracuda 2.1 GB (9B0006-125)
in Sun SCSI Bracket (540-2782)
Seagate Hawk 2.1 GB (ST32430WC)
in Sun SCSI Bracket (540-2568)
Seagate Medalist Pro 9140 ST39140A 9.12 GB IDE/ATA x 2
Andataco External SCSI Storage Unit (X495S31)
Sun SCSI Bracket (540-2706)
Sun DB25P to RJ45F Serial Cable Adaptor (530-2889)
Sun 50-Pin SCS2 Terminator (150-1785) x3
Sun External CD-ROM Drive (595-1929) x2
Sun SPARC Speaker (540-2220)
Unknown 13W3 to VGA converter

== Non-Sun Parts ==
Cabletron Systems TPT-4 802.3 10BaseT Transceiver
Adaptec SCSI RAID Controller 3410S

== Systems ==
Mac Mini Intel Solo (if memory serves, the audio chip is toast, but the
rest works fine)
SGI O2 (CMN B014)
SGI Indigo2 (CMN B007)
Sun 3/50 (600-2067)
SPARCBook 3TX (w/ AC Adapter, Solaris 7 Software CD (includes Tadpole
  driver CD), 10 Base T transceiver and connector cable)
SPARCStation 1+
SPARCStation 4
SPARCStation 5
SPARCStation 10
SPARCServer 20
SPARCStation 20
Sun Ultra 1
Sun Ultra 2
Sun Ultra Enterprise 2
Sun Ultra 5
Sun Ultra 60
Sun Blade 100
Sun Javastation 1



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