[rescue] Origin 2000 rack needs a home - Minneapolis

shatle at nfldinet.com shatle at nfldinet.com
Tue Aug 28 14:54:47 CDT 2012

I've bandied this about on the list before, but had no takers. I thought
I'd offer it here one more time before I go to Nekochan and/or local
I have an Origin 2000 Rack server with 16 procs and approx 12 to 16 GB of
RAM. It also has a 40 GB SCSI disk in the onboard tray, and I probably
have one or two more sleds I can include.
Processors are 8x195Mhz, and 8x250Mhz. Irix 6.5.2something is loaded and
running. There is some scratching on the front of the CrayLink door, and
some typical scratching on the skins, but all the pieces are there and
intact, including the front LED display. This machine needs 208v service
with a NEMA-30(?) twist-lock connector.

This is in my office in downtown Minneapolis, where we have a loading
dock and freight elevator.
The machine runs great - it's been in our server room at the indulgence
of my boss, but we're moving offices this fall, and there's no place for
it to go either at home or our new space.
I can send pics or an hinv if you wish. I wouldn't mind getting a little
something for it, maybe some smaller UNIX-y or Mac gear, or beer, or ?
but basically if someone will come and take it before the end of Sept.
they can have it. After that, it will likely get scrapped.
Contact me off-list at shatle at nfldinet.com

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