[rescue] Sparcstation 10 goodies for shipping cost

arthur wouk awouk at nyx.net
Sun Aug 26 18:26:36 CDT 2012

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i am clearing out the last bits of my former collection of sparcstation 10s.
i have stripped the three pizza boxes of everything useful and will take them
to the recycling center tomorrow.

what i have of interest was all working when i put them away some years ago.

qtty	item

1	ross hypersparx 150mhz cpu
2	ross hypersparc 125mhz cpu
1	501-2397 100bASE-TX plus scs fast wide single ended external
	connector for a scsi chain. i had 611 boxes chained to it.
1	501-2325 frame buffer
1	501-1672 frame buffer
	[ONE of these i think is a gtx+]

8	501-2480 64MB RAM
2	501-2622 64MB? RAM
2	501-2273 64MB? RAM
2	Kingston  KTS-64/S10
2	no-name 64MB RAM

one of the questioned 64mb pairs is actually 32mb. i recall that onr of the
running machines had 512mb, the other had 448mb.  

these can be had for the cost of shipping. 

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