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" From: Meelis Roos <mroos at linux.ee>
" []
" Today we have (3D) vector capable graphics cards that emulate the 2D 
" part using 3D engine, multiple applications can use the card without 
" lockup or isolation problems. Basically we have a DMA pipeline to the 
" card, using IRQ-s for flow control. We can mostly take the DMA pipeline 
" directly to the applications using a thin kernel driver and userspace 
" library, and do the acceleration stuff in another userspace library. No 
" need for graphics server because of IPC latency and memory latency of 
" passing data and control.

saw some chip stats a few years ago.

the biggest chips were leading-edge gpus.  big honking powerful cpu
chips had only half the gate count.  proliferation of cpus per chip
may have changed that...  but i wouldn't be surprised if gpus were
still well out in front.
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