[rescue] "bloated pig X11" (was: OpenLook/Openwin WAS: CDE)

Richard legalize at xmission.com
Wed Aug 8 14:32:05 CDT 2012

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> [...] (it's still atop the bloated pig
> X11, after all) [...]

Skeezics, how many portable windowing systems have you tried to make?

SunView has the luxury of only ever having to run on Sun hardware.

Most people who complain about the bloatedness of X11, haven't ever
tried to solve the problems that X11 solves.

Now, arguing that the problems it solves didn't need solving (i.e.
network transparency), that's a discussion worth having because it
involves design tradeoffs.

However, whenever I see this "X11 is a bloated piece of shit" argument
brought up, I'm noticing that it doesn't come from people who have
tried to solve the same problems and it doesn't come from someone who
has done portable grapics APIs, or it comes from someone who hasn't
really thought hard about the situation.

If you have some sort of specific criticism of X11 and you have
some alternative design that achieves the same goals, I'd love to have
that conversation.
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