[rescue] OpenLook/Openwin WAS::::::::::Re: CDE

Scott Quinn saquinn624 at aol.com
Wed Aug 8 10:30:24 CDT 2012

John writes:
>> The world can be a scary place.
>> http://openlook.sourceforge.net/

>Does it build on Linux?  This looks like it was just dumped and abandoned.

OpenLook used to be packaged for Debian, back in the 1.3/2.x days at least.
Speedy, but I think the DeskSet
stuff wasn't included in the OSS pack.

Indigo Magic / 4DWM does show its age, but I find it a very usable environment
- and being designed to work on
a R3k means it doesn't get too bloated. There's something to be said for
consistency as well. With IMD you can sit
down and use every IRIX from 5.1-Indy to 6.5.30 without having to figure out
too many changes (sysadm changed
a bit, but not too much). Some other systems feel the need to revamp the UI
with every release.

>From a programming side 4DWM/IMD is based around Motif, so you'd have many of
the same issues as CDE.

There used to be a guy reimplementing it (www.maxxdesktop.com or
www.5dwm.org), but not much has happened
recently. He did get a limited license from one of the iterations of SGI.

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