[rescue] OpenLook/Openwin WAS::::::::::Re: CDE

Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Wed Aug 8 07:06:48 CDT 2012

" From: Jerry Kemp <sun.mail.list47 at oryx.cc>
" Sorry the original post was not more clear.  That link came from James
" Carlson (previously from Sun) after I shared the original CDE link/email
" on another Sun/Solaris list.
" As far as the date/time stamp, I am not certain that there is a lot of
" new development happening in the OpenLook/OpenWindows world currently.  :)

wondering if it's the latest.  sun opensourced a version about 1990 -
about the sunos 4.0 / 4.1 era iirc - but of course continued to
develop/fix it.

afaik olvwm is based on the earlier release.

" > On 8/7/2012 9:15 PM, Jerry Kemp wrote:
" > 
" []
" >>
" >> The world can be a scary place.
" >>
" >> http://openlook.sourceforge.net/
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