[rescue] Fwd: Free to good home: Ultra 30 and 220R

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Wed Apr 25 00:58:43 CDT 2012

> Thought someone on here might be interested in these.

Heh.  I'm tempted by the E220R, but no way am I picking anything up in
Pittsburgh, and, given how heavy those beasts are and that I've already
got two of them, even if a local proxy were willing to help, I'd say
pull out the removable bits (disk, CPU, RAM, maybe mainboards) and ship
them, forget the big heavy metal case.  The case is also about the
least likely part to fail.

Besides, I shouldn't take on more physically large machines now!

The E220R _is_ a nice machine.  I hope someone gives it a good home.
(The U30 I know little about.)

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