[rescue] Obscure SGI thing

Sheldon T. Hall shel at artell.net
Fri Apr 13 00:05:43 CDT 2012

Does anyone know the function and utility of an SGI "Droid Beta System"?  I
found one in a thrift shop this week.  I have no pictures, but, as far as I
can remember, it had two power connectors (normal small-electronics co-axial
type), a DVI video connector, and another connector I've forgotten.  Some
medium D-shell.  Rounded purple (natch) box about 5x7 or so inches, sits
flat on a desk.  Some LEDs in an arrowhead-shaped arrangement on the top.
Modern lower-case "sgi" logo.  The label on the bottom sait only "DRIOD BETA
SYSTEM" and that the device was not FCC approved.



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