[rescue] Canon object.station 41 / Buslogic BT-440c/445c docs?

Skeezics Boondoggle skeezicsb at gmail.com
Mon Apr 2 02:48:21 CDT 2012

Here's an obscure one...

My Canon object.station 41 decided to stop booting.  The Buslogic VLB
SCSI card doesn't respond to ctrl-B or display anything at all at
power-on; with the lid off I see a red LED flash three times every few
seconds, and a red LED on the riser card is on solid.  I'm guessing
that RED == BAD.  :-/

Of course, there are no technical documents of any kind to be found
anywhere in the universe, it seems, for the computer itself.  And the
Buslogic 445c is apparently old enough now that finding any useful
diagnostic or troubleshooting information about it has proven
impossible as well.  The installation guide I found has a simple
troubleshooting section that does not list error codes, and since the
built-in "AutoSCSI" utility is in ROM there's no mention of a floppy
or OS-based diagnostic utility... so it's possible the only available
fix will be a board swap.  Sigh.  Anyone got one laying in a box
gathering dust somewhere?  Will trade for something interesting...

Any pointers greatly appreciated,

-- Chris

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