[rescue] Stuff needs new home

Toby Thain toby at telegraphics.com.au
Sat Sep 24 19:51:35 CDT 2011

On 24/09/11 8:32 PM, stephen price wrote:
> Needs new home:
> If you want it&  want to give me a couple of $$ for range fees - or trade something - cool - otherwise just come get it!
> No clue as to any current condition .... trying to clean out house&  garage - haven't powered any of this stuff up in years.
> Really do not want to box it up / ship etc - prefer local pickup - or meet somewhere in DFW area.
> ...
> Several dead LCD monitors (mostly dell) that just need new capacitors in the power supplies

I can vouch that this is an easy repair. I've fixed four out of four 
LCDs - by replacing only the visibly bad caps - in the past few weeks 
(Samsung, Acer, and DCLCD). One shudders to think of how many fine 
working screens must get thrown out every day for such a trivial fault.

For the first time I did it, I found the threads at http://badcaps.net/ 


> Argh - More junk I just haven't categorized yet ....
> Anybody interested?
> Contact me off-list please if you are....
> It's all to the recycle/metal scrapper in about a week unless spoken for .....
> North Fort Worth TX 76148.
> regards
> steve
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