[rescue] Stuff needs new home

stephen price sd_price at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 24 19:32:01 CDT 2011

Needs new home:
If you want it & want to give me a couple of $$ for range fees - or trade something - cool - otherwise just come get it!
No clue as to any current condition .... trying to clean out house & garage - haven't powered any of this stuff up in years.
Really do not want to box it up / ship etc - prefer local pickup - or meet somewhere in DFW area.

qty 3 x sun v120 - currently no disk - 650 mhz proc - 1gb ram I think
qty 1 x sun v210 - currently no disk - qty 1 x 1.2 ghz proccessor - 1 or 2 gb ram I think
qty 2 x clariion fiber channel DAE
qty 1 x clariion ATA DAE
A big stack of fiber channel drives with trays, and a few ATA trays for the clariion
A small stack of little 9gb sca drives
A couple of 18gb sca drives, maybe an odd 34gb or 72gb as well
qty x 2 DEC 10gb DLT changer
Miscellaneous qty of 35/70 DLT drives (mostly from changers)
14 bay Athena IDE to SCSI drive array - with qty 14 x 250gb ATA drives installed
Overland Data single drive 35/70 DLT autochanger - (10 cartridges) 
(I have a superDLT 320 drive that I had planned to replace the 35/70dlt)
Sun 711 case
Sun single drive 811 case
qty 2 x 16port USB serial ports (solaris certified)
qty 2 or maybe 3 IPX lunchboxes that have the TurboSPARC upgrade cpu chips
several Cisco soho 91 home routers
HP LJ4 (has additional memory, network card and Postscript chip)
HP 4101mfp (has additional memory, scanner, fax attachment, network)
Several dead LCD monitors (mostly dell) that just need new capacitors in the power supplies
Argh - More junk I just haven't categorized yet ....

Anybody interested?
Contact me off-list please if you are....
It's all to the recycle/metal scrapper in about a week unless spoken for .....
North Fort Worth TX 76148.


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