[rescue] Looking for SGI O2 Flat Panel Adapter

leaknoil leaknoil at charter.net
Thu Sep 15 02:16:28 CDT 2011

There isn't much SGI action on this list. In fact, yours may be the 
first I've seen. You should try Nekochan. Still, it may not be easy to 
find one.  Not because they are valuable but, because they look just 
like the parallel port, weren't all that common, and probably 99% of 
people with an O2 with one in it, without it connected to a 1600, 
probably have no idea it is even there.

On 9/14/2011 11:25 PM, Zachary Giles wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> I fell in to the first-time SGI 1600sw owner trap of thinking that the
> parallel port was actually the FPA port. *all laugh*. oops. Live and
> learn.
> With that, does anyone have an FPA they're interested in selling /
> giving away / etc at a reasonable price?
> I see them on ebay for ~$70, but it feels like too much seeing as how
> I got all 4 of my O2's for less than that total. Am I wrong? Should I
> just buy the ebay ones?
> Anything would be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> -Zach

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