[rescue] Looking for a Quad G5

Bob rjtoegel at verizon.net
Mon Sep 12 19:22:59 CDT 2011

 On 09/12/11, Toby Thain<toby at telegraphics.com.au> wrote:On 12/09/11 7:58
PM, Zachary Giles wrote:
> in the dumpster. *tear* wow.. that's sad.

Thankfully they weren't IN the dumpster; whoever had finished with them
had left them next to it, so at least they showed a little respect. You
can imagine I did not hesitate to grab them by the convenient handle and
stash safely. One has already found a good new home (though shipping is
very substantial; boxed with keyboard, mouse and a handful of cables,
they come to about 27kg).


I was going to ask where that dumpster was but with my luck it's probably
on the other side of the planet. :-)


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