[rescue] Looking for a Quad G5

Bob rjtoegel at verizon.net
Mon Sep 12 19:14:24 CDT 2011

 On 09/12/11, Mr Ian Primus<ian_primus at yahoo.com> wrote:Well, I've
managed to get a bit backed into the corner with computer problems, even
my trusty dual G4 Mac is failing me. Random crashes, and odd lockups... I
think after all these years the motherboard is starting to act up on me.

So, I'm looking to upgrade. As a hardware geek, the PowerPC architecture
is something I really like, so I'm going after the biggest baddest
PowerPC Mac. The Quad G5.

So, does anyone have a Quad G5 in good condition they'd be willing to
sell? I'm a bit leery buying one from one of the random online resellers,
especially because of the liquid cooling system on these critters. I'd
feel a lot more comfortable buying from a fellow hardware geek.

(And yes, I realize that Apple has moved away from Intel and that the
PowerPC is a dead platform with zero software future. It doesn't stop me
from enjoying it.)


I'm afraid I can't help you because I'm looking for the same
thing....cheap.  The best that I could do was a single G5 1.8 GHz unit
from fleabay.  But it does beat the pants off of my PowerBook G4 laptop. 
I don't know if you'll wind up building from pieces and I'm not sure
about the quads, but I know the duals have motherboards that are speed
specific (something about a soldered in ROM) and sometimes you need the
software to bring their cooling systems under control or they tend to
self destruct.  My next incarnation is a dual 2.5 GHz motherboard but I
need CPUs, case, P/S and other stuff (got the software). :-)    Good luck
in your hunt.


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