[rescue] Anybody got Jumper info for Clearpoint boards?

Earl Baugh earl at baugh.org
Wed Sep 7 23:40:30 CDT 2011


Yes, a blast from the past, Clearpoint.  I finally got enough parts to start
rebuilding my 3/110... a second motherboard helped secure enough ram chips
to be able to debug the memory errors.
(I know I've got at least 3 bad chips... which are now in the "BAD" bag...
and have a couple small handfuls of spares...)   So, trying to "max" the
memory on it..  I have a 4 MB card (Sun) which
works ok, and a SNXRAM/12 from Clearpoint.   The 4 works fine, and I was
able to find the jumper info in my FEH.   However, Clearpoint has long since
gone out of business, and the board "seems" to work, but I don't get to 16
when I plug it in (the 3/110 identifies 10MB in the serial out...and on the
display when it boots... btw the Viewsonic I have now has been tested on a
SunBlade 100 all the way back to a 3/110... and can sync to them all...
pretty cool...)

Anyway, wondered if anybody happened to squirrel away any info on Clearpoint
boards.. esp. this one...

Thanks (in advance)


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