[rescue] V210 rescue

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Fri Sep 2 20:10:52 CDT 2011

I keep hearing about people who happen across neat rescue stuff and 
wonder why that doesn't happen to me. (Well, part of it is that I live 
in Maine I suppose.)

I did finally find a couple of free SunFire V210s that were on their way 
to recycling. I've only fired up the first one of the two, and it has a 
pair of US IIIi 1GHz CPUs and 4G of RAM. I think that's pretty much full 
and will work nicely for the databases I run here. (They now run on a 
couple of Ultra 2s.)

I don't, however, have any drives for these. So, I am looking for a few 
36G drives that will fit in a V210. I have drive sleds, but these are 
the newest Suns that I have, so I'm not sure what I need in terms of 
drive specs aside from third-height SCA drives.

I'm also interested in any good sources for drives.

Thanks for any pointers here.


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