[rescue] DEC HSOF field service commands?

Lex Landa brooknet at imap.cc
Thu Oct 13 21:05:47 CDT 2011

Hello Marc,

On Thu, 2011-10-13 at 19:11 +0200, Marc Gutschner wrote:

> I know this may be a bit "far fetched", but does anyone around here 
> happen to have some kind of "field service command" reference for the 
> HSOF firmware used on DEC's family of HS<x> StorageWorks controllers?

I had a good look around for these hidden commands or a full reference,
and didn't find much; it would have been nice if the firmware was online
somewhere, so it could be examined for hidden commands - but I didn't
have any luck.  I downloaded a lot of reference guides and service
manuals, and these may be of some help.  The 'dangerous' command is not
mentioned much.


All of the docs are mixed up, I regret to say.  Some of these might be


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