[rescue] Looking for Sun 3 Type 3 Keyboard

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Thu Oct 13 17:53:41 CDT 2011

> If someone of you has one or more Sun 3 Type 3 Keyboards and/or
> Mouses lying around, i will be happy to hear about it.  Need them to
> reanimate some vintage Sun 3 /110 systems ...

I don't have many spare type-3s, and, because they're my routine-use
keyboards, I'm kinda hanging into the ones I have.

But, if all you want is a keyboard that works, any type 4, 5, 5c - any
Sun keyboard using the miniDIN-8, I think - should work fine, with a
passive adapter between minDIN-8 and DA-15.  The old keyboards and the
new are compatible at the electrical level, and pretty much at the
protocol level as well[%].  Sun sold such an adapter; it's also fairly
easy to make one, if you're not afraid of a soldering iron and have a
suitable cable and connector handy.  If you have trouble finding
pinouts, I can supply them.  I may even have a spare cable that would
allow me to make up an adapter for you, if you have trouble finding one
and aren't up to making your own.

[%] There are details, such as the way the host controls the LEDs on a
    type-4 (which doesn't do anything on a type-3), but for the most
    part they Just Work.

Of course, if you want a type-3 for other than pure functionality
reasons, like wanting an all-original-parts system, this isn't really
going to be much help.

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