[rescue] DEC HSOF field service commands?

Marc Gutschner Marc.Gutschner at GMX.DE
Thu Oct 13 12:11:29 CDT 2011

Hi all,

I know this may be a bit "far fetched", but does anyone around here 
happen to have some kind of "field service command" reference for the 
HSOF firmware used on DEC's family of HS<x> StorageWorks controllers?

I'm currently playing around with that HSD30 (3 channel SCSI-to-DSSI 
controller) I have lying around for a couple of years now and 
encountered an issue with the NV storage gone bad, causing that bugger 
to "forget" it's serial number. This in turn rendered that damn thing 
(nearly) useless.

Anyway, a little "googleing" led me to a chinese(sic!) website that had 
the "arcane incantations" one needs to recite to resurrect that beast by 
doing a

     HSD> dangerous x serial="<something>"

Now, knowing that there is some "hidden" functionality in the firmware 
made me curious to know what else might be lurking in there - especially 
since the command is "dangerous" :-) I found another link on the net 
that mentions another "dangerous" command:

    HSZ> dangerous x manufac=3 op=4 hardware=" A01"

So, does someone know what else is "hidden" in HSOF - and whether it may 
be possible to read/write that PCMCIA card holding the firmware on some 
other device to be able to create a backup or maybe even play around 
with different revisions of the same - if I can procure anything newer 
than V3.7 currently in service on that device...

thanks & regards,

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