[rescue] Axil 311 (SS10) hard drive compatibility

Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Sun Oct 9 11:19:36 CDT 2011

" Date: Fri, 7 Oct 2011 19:48:30 -0400 (EDT)
" From: Mouse <mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG>
" > 1. Will a machine that old be able to boot off of such a large disk ?
" > I don't remember the precise problems with openboot.
" Based on text I cut, this seems to be talking about SCSI.  The only
" issue I know of with SCSI disk size is the 6-byte-CDB vs 10-byte-CDB
" issue, and that has nothing to do with drive size and everything to do
" with where on the drive things are.  Basically, it means your boot
" partition needs to be within the first GB of the disk (21 bits of
" sector number, times half-K sectors).  Even that depends on the details
" of the ROM code; in my experience it correlates better with machine
" type than anything else, but that could be coincidence of one sort or
" another - and it doesn't seem to make chronological sense, as in,
" anything with a release date past some point is fixed and anything
" before has the bug.

iirc the 311 is an ss2 clone - right?

up to the ss2, the boot part limit was 1G, but late versions of the
ss2 obp bumped that to 2G and all the sun4m machines were 2G.  i'm not
sure -disks- larger than 2G were available with these machines...

one way to get a handle on heat is
1. find out what drives the 311 was originally available with
2. go to seagate's site and look the datasheets up - they'll have
   voltage/current draw if not heat dissipation
3. check datasheet for your 300G and compare
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