[rescue] Wanted: 5-BNC to VGA, and 5-BNC to 5-BNC

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Mon Nov 28 23:59:21 CST 2011


   I'm helping with an event called MAGFest that is happening early January 
at the Gaylord at National Harbor in Washington DC. It's a music and 
gaming festival that spans 4 days. There will be a small retro museum 
there, and (my department) will have about 150 arcade machines. Not sure 
which ones but one person involved owns a Computer Space and an original 
Pong! All the normals like Asteroids to Pac Man to Pinball machines on up 
to modern games will be there. Heavy on the classics though.

   Anyways, I own this Extron 4x8 VGA matrix that I've never put to use. 
It's going to have it's day at Magfest, running some flat panel LCDs I've 
repaired and some projectors that are being brought.

   With this in mind, I'm on the hunt for cables.

   I need a few 5 BNC to VGA male cables to go from the switch to computers 
and nearby LCDs (I have a few of these so far, I think 2 or 3.)

   I need about 4 of the 5 BNC to VGA female cables used to covert the 
stupid 5 BNCs on the back to normal VGA, then 50', 75' or 100' VGA male to 
male. OR, 50' or 100' 5BNC to 5BNC (at least one projector has the 5 
bncs.) OR, a 50' or 100' 5BNC to VGA male.

   I thought about UTP/VGA converters, but they cost more than the cables.

   Everything now is mostly digital, and UTP converters for HDMI are cheap, 
but the matrix I have for HDMI is only 4x2 (2 outputs), and the TVs aren't 
identical in resolution.

   So if anyone has a bunch of 5BNC/VGA stuff they might be looking to sell
  or trade, I'm looking! I'm looking for someone that has it in bulk.

   Another source I found is Monoprice, they have a decent chunk of stuff.

   After MAGFest, it will likely get used at a MakerFaire we're putting on 
in southeastern Virginia.

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