[rescue] stuff to go -- last call

Kevin Foote kevin.foote at gmail.com
Sun Nov 27 22:57:39 CST 2011

OK rescue listers! I've had this stuff up for grabs for quite some time.
This time its last call .. off to the "recycler" in a week or two.

Not sure if someone wanted any of this or not.. cant remember. If so
speak up NOW!

I'm willing to assist in packing but the shipping is up to you .. All
items .. you name
the price  ;-)

Stuff located at 15701

[ SGI Stuff ]
- o2 r5k/128m/disks on sleds/bad PS/great skins
- o200 r12k?/128m/1 drive sled/~ok~ skins
- PI 4d/20 Entry w/keyboard/decent skins
- Indigo 2 (purple) Impact Max with feet (can get spec if needed)
- Octane r12k/disk on sled/
- miscellaneous Indy chassis x2

[ Beige Stuff (PC) ]
- Compaq desktop 233mhz era 5g drive
- HP 486 (last used for an ipcop box)
- Compaq desktop (tower) 1.2ghz (last ran fbsd)

[ Other Stuff - odds / ends ]
- Sun 411 boxes * 2 (i think maybe more)
- cisco 2514 router .. OK its old but could be of use to someone :-)

(will post sgi stuff to nekochan later)


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