[rescue] Clearing out some stuff.

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Sun Nov 27 16:07:32 CST 2011

> I think the PowerMac G5 still fits the bill. I am in zip code 04011. If
> shipping is reasonable (i.e. not much more than the box itself) I would
> be interested in that.
> I have Mac gear (keyboards, mice, hard drives, etc.) from models up to,
> but not including all the G-stuff, so I suspect I will have whatever
> peripherals/drives/etc. are required.
> Thanks for the reply. I'm still interested in OSX as my daughter has a
> Mac laptop and I like to be able to help sometimes.

Sorry, obviously meant to be a private email. I usually get this right, 
but not always....


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