[rescue] Clearing out some stuff.

Caleb Cupples cscupples at gmail.com
Sun Nov 27 10:56:58 CST 2011

I'm putting up some of my collection for sale, in order to fund a new
set of shocks on my Volvo, and I can also use a little space.  All
listed prices are plus shipping, or I can deliver within 100 miles of
Savannah, TN.

1 - Mac Mini G4 (1.25GHz, I believe), $40
1 - PowerMac G5 (Single 1.6 GHz, homebrew ATX power supply, no hard
drive, unknown memory), $40
1 - Sun Netra T1, $30
1 - Sun Netra X1 (IIRC, noisy PSU fan, no HD), $20
1 - Macintosh SE/30 (Not currently working), $5
1 - SGI Octane (IIRC, single 270 MHz R12k, 36GB HD, IRIX 6.5), $30
1 - Apple PowerBook 5300c, working when put away, $10
3 - Apple PowerBook G3s, one labelled "Project 1/99 EVT", one with
cracked display, one with bad hinges. $30 for all 3.

Email off-list and I'll get together a shipping quote. Some of this
stuff is fairly heavy, so shipping may be a touch expensive.
C. Scott Cupples
Psychology Undergraduate
The University of North Alabama

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