[rescue] Some E450 Spares and a pile of drives (about to head to the scrapper)

Earl D. Baugh Jr. earl at baugh.org
Sun Nov 13 22:39:02 CST 2011

I've got a pile of drives and some spare parts for E450s... the pile of which
is about to head to the scrapper
(I've asked twice on the list, and have had takers for a few, but the rest are
still sitting here... )  I'm only looking for cost of shipping
(and a little something for my trouble...perhaps enough for a lovely beverage
:-) )

So, call it now... by this weekend if it's not claimed it goes to the
scrapper... (I'm keeping some spare parts, but these are extras... )

1)  Qty 24  : Fujitsu MAG3091LC drives (9 GB)
2)  Qty 12  : Segate ST39103LC drives (9GB)
3)  Qty 1    : Segate ST392044LC drive (9GB)
4)  Qty 6    : Fujitsu MAG3182LC drives (18GB)
5)  Qty 2    : Fujitsu MAP3367NC drives (36 GB) Sun Stickered
6)  Qty 37  : Aluminum bottom plates (for drives, I'm assuming it works as a
heat sink and re-directs air flow)
7)  Qty 4   : 501-5539  450 Mhz Processors (for E450's and the like... some
desktops as well)
8)  Qty 2   : 501-2273 Sun barcoded SS 10 16MB RAM
9) Qty 2   : DataRAM RAM -- Believe it's either 16MB or 64...no identifying
numbers that I can see to track to an actual Google-able item...)
10) Qty 41 : Hard Drive SPUD.   Standard Spud, believe it's worked from the
Ultra 2 all the way thru (at least in my collection) the E450.  I've got the
hex screws as well if you want them.

Also, first call on

1) Sun Ultra 5
2) Sun Ultra 10.

I can dig out the specs on these two, but complete systems.  Believe I've got
Ultra creator graphics cards for them...(I'd have to open the boxes to get
full specs).  I've decided to just keep a Sun Blade 100 instead of these two.

My Sun collection will end up being (along with spare parts) an E420R, E220R,
Sun 3/110, Sun 4/110 and Sun 2/120 (with the 2 the only one right now that is
need of restoration... once it boots, I'll be starting the great OS load :-)

I'm located in the Atlanta area... but will be heading up to WV for
Thanksgiving.  If you can make it to make it to where I am, I'm willing to
haul this up that far... I'll be in the Martinsburg WV area.


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