[rescue] rescue Digest, Vol 108, Issue 7

Chris Brandstetter sirloxelroy at gmail.com
Fri Nov 11 23:56:45 CST 2011

> I had a similar experience with my 630MP: I live on the fourth floor
> with nice sea view, but I paid for that nice view with the effort that
> it took to get the thing up the stairs, and we (cousin, friends, myself)
> took a chunk out of the plaster when we steered it around a corner (I
> hope the landlord doesn't read this list).
> In the 80s, I often collected heavy old items from the rubbish dump. A
> fruit machine was among these items: glass, metal and lots of very dense
> pine and chipboard.  I lived on the top floor then, too.
I remember getting a 600MP at a University auction and hauling it 120
miles in the back seat of my VW Fox.  I don't think the shocks on that
car ever worked right again, or the back seats. :-)

Chris Brandstetter
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