[rescue] Sun E450's

Lex Landa brooknet at imap.cc
Fri Nov 11 12:34:26 CST 2011


On Fri, 2011-11-11 at 08:54 +0000, mail at catsnest.co.uk wrote:

> Yes Devon is a tad far away from me, and 450s are very heavy nearly
> killed me getting it up to my flat!

I had a similar experience with my 630MP: I live on the fourth floor
with nice sea view, but I paid for that nice view with the effort that
it took to get the thing up the stairs, and we (cousin, friends, myself)
took a chunk out of the plaster when we steered it around a corner (I
hope the landlord doesn't read this list).

In the 80s, I often collected heavy old items from the rubbish dump. A
fruit machine was among these items: glass, metal and lots of very dense
pine and chipboard.  I lived on the top floor then, too.

> Ill try to remember this for next time I go down to Bristol (my mum
> lives there).
> Its still quite far but more realistic.

That's great - I may be able to persuade my cousin to drive me to
Bristol, if I pay the petrol.

> I _might_ have a few other spair Sun boxes too ;)
> I should really put a kit list together...

Me too.  Most of my hardware is non-Sun: a couple of Amiga 500s, an
Amiga CD32, Commodore 64, BBC Micro - all stuff from the 80s home micro

I checked various courier services and for such a heavy item as the 450
(93kg?), the cost - if it was listed - would be very, very expensive.
In spite of this, I am still interested (I must be mad!).


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