[rescue] Need HP 9000 3000 DDS2 Drive

leaknoil leaknoil at charter.net
Sat Nov 5 19:02:45 CDT 2011

I am trying to install MPE/ix on a old hp3000 and the DDS2 tape drive is 
toast.  Keeps eating my precious tapes and they are getting hard to find.

Anyway, I am looking for an HP drive that might have come off a HP9000 
or 3000. The HP part number is C1533-00150 but, I imagine it is an 
Archive drive by the looks of it. These were really common on all the 
9000 boxes of the era.  Never got one without one or that worked.

I just need it for a few days and could pay shipping both ways.  I don't 
actually need to keep it unless you don't want it anymore. This project 
has been sitting here forever and I'm tired of looking at it. I tried 
Sun tape drives and it is a no go. I suspect it is similar to UNIX where 
if the tape drive doesn't have an entry in the config files the install 
program can't even see it. Boots fine by SCSI address just install fails 
because there is no device file. Just like UNIX.  I'm in California so, 
if you have one in Bulgaria I appreciate the thought but, I'll have to 
pass. Thanks though.

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